High School registration for MBOA opens July 1, 2017 through July 31, 2017. Late fee ($25) applies after Aug. 1, 2017. Please go to the forms page and fill out High School Registration/contract Form and mail to MBOA along with registration fee ($91).


Welcome to MBOA






METROLINA BASKETBALL OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION (MBOA) is dedicated and committed to teaching, training, developing, assigning, and supervising Basketball Officials for all levels of play.  MBOA is proud to provide the best resources and information that will enhance the talent and skills of every Official.  Our High School Varsity and Sub-Levels of play covers the Metrolina region including several counties in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  We provide officiating services for all levels, both public and private.  If you are interested in registering and becoming a member of our High School Association, please go to the FORMS page and follow the instructions.


The registration form is for High School Basketball (and all lower levels).  The form must be filled out completely, signed and dated, along with a non-refundable Booking fee of $91 payable to Metrolina Basketball Officials Association and mailed to MBOA.  The registration period is July 1- 31 of each calendar year.  After that date, a late registration fee applies.


Upon receipt of completed registration and acceptance as a member of MBOA, all officiating assigning business will be conducted on the website, (then Metrolina Basketball Officials Association). Officials will receive a Welcome email from arbitersports and will then need to follow instructions to enter information requested.

** Officials interested in our College Program are required to contact the Booking Agent and forward a complete officiating resume’.  College Officials may only register after an Invitation is extended to them by the Supervisor of Officials.